How to teach my child to write well?

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The English language, while not the most difficult language to learn, is not the easiest. There are so many types of ways that you can paraphrase, and hence craft a sentence, that in fact, the best way to study writing is to read more first, before writing more. It is difficult to write more to practice, as you would not know if your sentence structure is correct, and so for ease of learning, reading more first is more effective.

Reading also exposes one to a much larger variety of tenses and grammatical requirements of the English language, which helps to keeps the whole passage clear and simple. All these are the essential foundation of writing, without which, even the use of good vocabulary cannot improve the flow and quality of the whole passage.

While it is true that creative writing classes can add style and flair to the writing, forming decorative components of a text.

The basic usage of grammar and appropriate use of a variety of conjunctions helps to form the core of the passage, and a lot of emphasis is in fact given to this area. Not surprisingly, a great way to improve this area will be to read more, so that the usage of grammar and conjunction can be seen in different contexts. With sufficient frequency, these will become part of your child’s permanent language skills.

Hence the early start in reading will help  your child gain the large exposure required for good writing and sentence structure.

I’ll end off with this: If you want your child to write well in the future, make sure he/she reads a lot now 🙂

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