Race to the top – Is it a bad thing?

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Many people think that starting their child to read at a young age is not good, and that they prefer the play learning method and not the academic approach at this young age.

But let us re-think this concept: Why is it not good?

Let’s all look back to a time where we learnt something useful, for example back in our own school days when we ourselves were learning something.

Is it not more demanding mentally? Yet how many of us regretted learning at that point of time?
I’m sure many of us are who we are now because we put in the effort to exert our mind to that something worth learning, something worth doing.

If however, we let our child have lots of fun and not have anytime dedicated to formal studies at all, then we are effectively denying them of this wonderful chance to learn that something that’s worth doing.

Oh and by the way did you know that learning can be fun, especially if they started correctly, at an young age, when it can become a habit?

But perhaps we can look at this in another perspective, rather than thinking of this as a race, perhaps we can see it as a brisk walk, a challenging event for us to enjoy.

Hence, during the ‘stroll’, let us not focus too much on speeding past everything, but rather enjoy the process as it occurs.

A real life possibility I would like to present will be for parents to take the time out to read to their child, but in a fun way. This means perhaps role-playing the characters after the both of you read together, where parent and child can have fun together. This will help to build emotional connections, but also start instilling the attachment to reading right from a young age.

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