What happens when your child goes through Mrs Sam's Patented Formula?

  1. Allows your child to comprehensively master the basic infrastructure of language
  2. Truly understand what they are reading
  3. Amass an amazing library of vocabulary and retain it for future use
  4. Enter Primary 1 with confidence knowing that your child is ahead of his/her peers
  5. Build a level of independence previously seen only in the most gifted of children

“An opportunity to experience Mrs Sam's Patented Method™”

On this page we are giving away free access to an evaluation session for your child.This session will provide all the basics necessary to master phonics, writing and speaking (etc) and awaken the hidden potential waiting to be uncovered within your child. No prior experience in phonics or writing is necessary. In fact, one of the top reasons why parents love this patented method is that they can bring in their children no matter what level or stage of competency their child is in, and see GUARANTEED results! Since we released this method in 1977, thousands of parents and children has experienced the positive effects of the method. It's by far one of our most popular methods, and that is why we want you to experience the same. So if you're curious what Mrs Sam's patented method is all about, and wish to experience it first hand, pleaseclick here to sign up for the free trialor contact us at 62888362 or 82920885.
How it all began?
Mrs Sam's Learning formula is trusted by many parents It all began about 30 years ago, when Mrs Sam's children became interested to read and write. Determined to match their learning capabilities with an ideal literacy programme, Mrs Sam endeavoured to design her own teaching methods. Gradually, her idea and effort evolved into a viable methodology that worked with other children as well. Now, with over 1000 children having benefited from her programmes, mainly Preparatory Programme, Sight Reading Programme and Phonics & Spell Magic™ Programme, Mrs Sam is optimistic that a larger audience will soon know about her unique teaching formula, known as Mrs Sam's Learning Formula™, and witness its incredible effectiveness. Mrs Sam's Learning Formula™ is owned by Athena Educational Services Pte Ltd.
Felice's Mummy,
We are pleased to see our child's overall progress & improvement after she attended the program!