Mrs Sam’s Phonics & Spell Magic™ English Programme

Mrs Sam

Do not be disheartened if your child is unable to read or write yet –

Mrs Sam has the right formula for your child!

Founded by Mrs Sam, an educationist of more than thirty years, Mrs Sam’s Learning Formula® is known for spectacular results in children. The Phonics & Spell Magic™ curriculum comprises of 3 unique programmes and are designed to equip pupils with complementing skill sets necessary for academic excellence. Over the years, this curriculum has brought immense satisfaction to countless parents.

These programmes are based upon a strong foundation in the English Language and aimed at producing accelerated academic development in children between the ages of three and twelve. It all began about thirty years ago, when Mrs Sam’s children became interested in reading and writing. Determined to match their learning capabilities with an ideal literacy programme, Mrs Sam endeavored to design her own teaching methods. Gradually, her ideas and effort evolved into a patented methodology that worked with other children as well. Over a thousand children having benefited from her three main programmes.

Preparatory Programme

This is the foundation programme designed to give your child a strong background in the basics of the English language, which includes the basic sounds, alphabet recognition and handwriting skills.

Entry Pre-Requisite: None

Sight Reading Programme

This is an intermediate programme designed to enhance reading, grammar and comprehension skills as well as to develop the love for reading. The focus here is on the usage of Sight Words as a foundation skill to learn reading.

Entry Pre-Requisite: Able to recognize, read and write both upper and lower cases of all the alphabets

Phonics Programme

This is a 58 lesson intensive programme that enables children to become independent readers and spellers. Over the years, the programme has produced amazing results in children, regardless of their initial standard. This enables us to guarantee results. Learn more about Phonics and our Patented System!

Entry Pre-Requisite: Able to read and understand simple texts