Careers at Mrs Sam’s

You love kids, and you love English.

Your parents have instilled the habit of reading widely and also strong self discipline, and now you look back and thank them greatly for it.

Reading widely has enabled you to gain so much wonderful knowledge about the world, whether fictitious or real, and you have always hoped you can help others achieve the same, especially when they are young.
Every time you see cute little kindergarten kids running around, you think to yourself, “I hope they learn about this skill early, so that they can quickly learn about our world and help to make it a better place”

This has also developed your weird habit of wanting to correct your friends’ or even strangers’ bad English, in a bid to rid the world of them.

If you have a keen sense of business, you will be promoted to join the management team, where you can help us to spread the magic! Future opportunities are not just limited to Singapore, but also overseas developed and developing countries. Who knows, we might even have  CSR missions to third world countries, where we can spearhead the education efforts! The possibilities are simply endless!

If this is you, and you wish to consider a future career at Mrs Sam send us your resume and expected salary to now!