Preschool Sight Reading Programme

Cultivate your child’s reading habit now!

This is an intermediate programme designed to enhance reading, grammar and comprehension skills as well as to develop the love for reading. The focus here is on the usage of Sight Words as a foundation skill to learn reading.

Grammar Exposure

Progressive introduction of past, present and future tenses in the 3 respective levels (Foundation, Beginners, Intermediate) in our Sight Reading Programme

Reading Comprehension 

Assess your child’s reading ability also and teaches him/her how to read and understand what he/she is reading, helping them greatly with comprehension passages and comprehension cloze from a young age.

3 Levels of our Sight Reading Programme

Below specifies the various components that will be covered in the different levels of the Sight Reading programme.
There will be individual assessments at the end of each of the 3 levels.

Sight Reading (Foundation)

  • K1/K2 equivalent of English command
  • Introduces Present tense
  • Correct Pronunciation & Punctuation

Sight Reading (Beginners)

  • P1/P2 equivalent of English command
  • Introduction Of Past tense
  • Introduction Of Paragraphs
  • Reading Intonation
  • Written Comprehension

Sight Reading (Intermediate)

  • P3 equivalent of English command
  • Introduction of future tense
  • Sentence Construction
  • Rearrangement Of Sentences
  • Written Comprehension
  • Finding Answers in Passages
  • Indirect Questions

Age 4 onwards

Maximum of 4 child per class

1.5 hours per session, once a week


Tue – Fri           : 1 (2:30pm-4pm), 2 (4pm-5.30pm), 3 (6.30pm-8pm), 4 (8pm-9.30pm)

Sat           : 1 (10am-11:30am), 2 (11:30am-1pm), 3 (1:30pm-3pm), 4 (3pm-4:30pm), 5 (5pm-6.30pm)

Note: Not all time slots are available, as classes may have started already. Please call (6288 8362) to find out!