What to do when my child throws tantrum when learning?

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“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.”
– Jim Rohn

As the age of around 4 years old, we probably do not know what is important and what is not, and so it is up to our parents to decide how and when we are to learn. However, learning, is just not very easy nor is it very fun.

Hence it is common for children to try all sorts or means and ways to get out of it. At that age, it will mean crying and making a fuss about going to lessons. However, if we indulge our children by giving in to their desire, we will definitely be doing more harm than good in the long run. They will see this as an excellent alternative to learning, and this occurence will only get more frequent in future. Children, while they may resist learning something initially, will start learning and will come to like what they are learning eventually.

Learning to read and write the alphabet is a good example where practise is the only way to learn and is just not very fun for some kids to do. Although, some children by nature, are just less playful and do as they are told, a majority of them does not like to be doing things which are repetitive by nature. This is where all their tantrums will come in and they will try to resist the learning process.

Delaying in learning these foundational building blocks of language will result in delay of mastering the ability to read and write. However, those who are able to learn to be focused and complete the learning process will not only gain the headstart in their language skills; they will also have increased their discipline to be able to focus on their work. Both aspect will contribute to continued excellence later in their lives.

The difference between those who excel in their work and those who are merely mediocre is just this: Discipline

Check out this video, which expands on this idea.

So how are we to stop this? The answer is the same: Discipline. However, this time, as parents we must be disciplined as well. We must not give in to their tantrums just so they will behave. Rather, we must do what we say. For example, when we say if they don’t complete the work, they have to continue until they are finished before doing other things, we must have the discipline to follow through. This requires both time and effort on the parents to ensure this, and some parents after a long day of work might just want to rest.

Hence this is where external programmes might help. Find a place you trust and where there are lots of communication, and let them have the authority to ensure that your child gets the work done.

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